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Posted: Monday, August 10, 2015

Personal Training Provides Motivation and Instruction

In life, sometimes we all can benefit from a little direction. When it comes to health, most of us rely on doctors and nurses to tell us what to do to feel better or improve our condition. Yet, when it comes to exercise, many people simply do whatever they feel like doing at the time. For some, that means running or biking, and for others, it could be lifting weights or doing cardio. Regardless of how you exercise, there are benefits to seeking the guidance of a personal trainer. Personal training has become increasingly popular over the last two decades due, in part, to people not being able to reach their maximum potential on their own. As many have found, sometimes a little one-on-one instruction can be the key to reaching exercise goals such as losing weight and increasing strength.

Blount Memorial Wellness Centers fitness and weight management manager Chad Hodson says sometimes a simple push out the door is all people need. “A personal trainer can provide motivation to get people to the gym just by knowing someone is there waiting for them,” he said. “That type of motivation and accountability leads to more consistency overall. Trainers also help people set goals that are attainable. One mistake a lot of people make is setting long-term goals and not setting short-term goals. When it comes to weight loss, setting biweekly goals of dropping between 2 and 4 pounds is much more tangible than setting a goal of losing 25 pounds in twelve weeks. Those short-term goals are a must to achieve the long-term ones,” he explained. “A trainer will help you determine your current fitness level by doing an overall health and fitness assessment. This will help them customize a specific exercise program tailored to your needs. Even if you suffer from chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or arthritis, a qualified trainer can design a program that is appropriate for you,” Hodson said.

Personal trainers also can help keep you from doing the right things the wrong ways. “One of the most common ways people injure themselves in the gym is improper technique or lifting too much weight,” Hodson explained. “A trainer can teach you how to perform complex lifts safely. Another added benefit is helping people discover their weaknesses and overcome them. Even people who are relatively fit sometimes find that they ignore their weaknesses. For example, I see a lot of men who are very strong and always lift weights, yet these same men ask me why they can’t get rid of their belly. It’s because they’re focusing on their strengths instead of their weaknesses. With someone like this, I immediately spend more time on cardio, muscular endurance and flexibility. To their amazement, they end up losing weight and, in some cases, become stronger,” he added.

Most of all, Hodson says trainers can be integral to helping you get the results you’re after. “Nothing is more frustrating than working hard and not seeing results. A personal trainer can keep you from spinning your wheels in the gym and have you on your way to a leaner, stronger and more fit you,” he said.

While some may think that personal training is too cost-prohibitive, Hodson says many people will benefit from one or two sessions. “With one session, a trainer could at least customize a program based on a person’s needs. Some people just need one session every now and then to get set up on a new exercise routine,” he said. “Personal training is definitely a worthwhile investment. You can’t put a price tag on your health,” he added. For more information, call the Blount Memorial Wellness Center at Springbrook at 865-980-7100.

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