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Posted: Sunday, March 22, 2020

How You Can Help

Many kind members of our community have contacted us asking how they can help Blount Memorial physicians and staff in the fight against COVID-19.

Here’s How You Can Help:

1. Making Cloth Masks

Guidelines for Homemade Masks:

- Material – 100 percent cotton, double-sewn with stabilizer; also needs a metal piece at bridge of the nose measuring roughly 4”; no restrictions on colors, patterns, etc. of cotton fabric

- Size – Measures about 8” wide and 4” tall, with straps being 16-18” at each of the four corners (straps preferred over elastic loops for comfort/durability)

2. Donation of Supplies

Blount Memorial also is asking local businesses and individuals if they have extra supplies, that they consider donating them to the hospital.

Items Most Needed:

- Masks of any kind

- Sani-Wipes (wipes used to clean down surfaces often found in schools, daycares and gyms)


To donate or for more information, contact:

Blount Memorial Foundation


Messages also can be sent through the Blount Memorial Foundation Facebook page.

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