Posted: Saturday, April 4, 2020

Blount Memorial Foundation Board Kicks Off $43,000 Member-Funded COVID-19 Challenge Fund

While Blount Memorial Hospital’s physicians, nurses and employees are preparing to, clinically, fight a potential COVID-19 outbreak in our community, the boards of the hospital and the Blount Memorial Foundation are fighting COVID-19’s impact in our community through fundraising. 

And the board members are asking for the community’s help. 

The Blount Memorial Foundation board of directors announced, today, the creation of a board member-backed COVID-19 Community Response challenge, as the Foundation knows that COVID-19 is having and will continue to have an impact on the health of our community, whether physical or financial.

“As the philanthropic arm of Blount Memorial, our Foundation board has focused on retooling our fundraising efforts to support the hospital across a wide range of needs – but this most-pressing need that’s suddenly now emerged for COVID-19 response truly invokes new meaning to our mission,” said Blount Memorial Foundation board of directors chairman Greg Wilson. 

As of today, the fund’s matching potential kicks off with a total of $43,000, which was initiated by members of the Blount Memorial Foundation board. Some members of the Blount Memorial Hospital board of directors, and leadership and medical staffs also have contributed to the fund.

“I’m thankful to the Foundation board for developing this fundraising initiative for our community,” hospital board of directors president Robert Redwine said. “Our hospital board has great confidence in our hospital’s medical staff and employees who are working around-the-clock to ensure our community is prepared for a potential outbreak and that the patients who need specific care related to COVID-19 are receiving it, while continuing to care for all the health needs of our community. I’ve witnessed teams executing steps of the hospital’s plan, and I’ve seen, first-hand, the work that’s being done, and I’m impressed. I can honestly say that our community is in good hands, and with the extra funds that the Foundation board’s fundraising campaign can hopefully generate, I feel confident we can get through this together, as a community.”

The Foundation says it hopes that our community will strongly consider supporting this fund. It says community members will see their contributions matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $43,000, with the goal of raising $86,000 in total, once the dollars are matched. These funds then will help support needs identified by hospital leaders.

Corporate and individual gifts of any amount are welcomed and will help support the immediate and post-COVID-19 needs of Blount Memorial Hospital and our community. Donations can be made online at, or by check written to “Blount Memorial Foundation” with “COVID-19 Fund” noted on the check. Those interested in donating also may call the Foundation at 865-977-5727 with questions.

The Foundation board emphasizes that this local campaign to support the Blount Memorial Foundation is part of a larger philanthropic push in our region, launched by the East Tennessee Foundation, which is a community charitable foundation serving 25 East Tennessee counties – including Blount County.

The East Tennessee Foundation actively encourages community philanthropy and volunteerism in support of COVID-19 preparedness and response, and the Foundation board is localizing this support and asks that anyone who financially supports the Blount Memorial Foundation’s fund to share their support by tagging the Foundation on Facebook with the hashtag, #COVIDgiveWhereYouLive.

“We are personally vested in this campaign, and we ask our local community to consider joining us – not only for the patients and local community members Blount Memorial seeks to treat and make well, but also in solidarity for our local health care professionals and support teams who are personally committing themselves so fully,” Wilson said. “They deserve our support.”

The Foundation also reminds that in-kind gifts also are welcomed, and truly do make a difference in helping our community fight COVID-19. To learn more about ways you can help and about the hospital’s most-current supply donation needs, call the Foundation at 865-977-5727 or message it through its Facebook page.

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