Posted: Monday, December 21, 2020

The Staples Every Pantry Should Have

Believe it or not, some people like to go grocery shopping. They visit their favorite store often, looking for new items and good prices on items they frequently buy. Other people don’t enjoy grocery trips at all and go as infrequently as humanly possible. However you grocery shop, you probably know it’s important to keep certain items on-hand in your home at all times, just in case. No one wants to begin preparing a meal only to realize there’s one crucial ingredient missing. For this reason, pantry staples are a must. But what items are the most important to keep handy?

Blount Memorial registered dietitian Whitney Roberts says there are seven key pantry staples you can keep nearby at all times in order to help craft healthy meals at home. “A well-stocked pantry is essential to making a good, home-cooked meal, particularly when time is scarce,” Roberts said. “If you’re preparing at the last minute, there are certain things you want to keep around so you can whip up healthy meals quickly. The first is healthy fats, such as olive oils and canola oils, which can be used to dress up salads and grains, or to sauté meats and vegetables. They’re heart-healthy and can lower your risk for certain diseases,” she explained. “Next, you’ll want to keep a variety of frozen vegetables on hand. They can be cooked quickly, and they will increase your intake of nutrients such as fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals,” she added.

“Canned tomatoes are next on the list,” Roberts said. “Having them on-hand can make life a lot easier when you’re trying to create quick, healthy meals. They’re rich in vitamins A and C, as well as lycopene. They’ll work well in a variety of dishes, including soups or casseroles, or as a quick sauce for pasta, pizza, meats or whole grains,” she said. “While you’re stockpiling canned goods, grab some extra cans of beans because they’re a terrific meatless source of protein, fiber and iron. Plus, you can’t beat the simplicity – just rinse, drain and heat. They’re great for a quick burrito or tortilla, or to add to a soup for extra protein. Also, in the canned goods aisle, be sure to grab some extra cans of broth. Items such as chicken stock or vegetable broth can add flavor to plain foods without significantly altering their calorie counts. Try replacing water with stock when cooking brown rice, for instance,” Roberts explained.

For the final two pantry must-haves, Roberts says look to nut butters and canned tuna. “Peanut butter, almond butter and sunflower butter are great to keep around, as they can be spread on whole grain bread or waffles, and make great dips for celery or apples,” she said. “Canned tuna is one of the few great sources of protein that you can keep in your pantry long-term. This way, you always have it on-hand for sandwiches, casseroles or to add to family favorites such as macaroni and cheese. Simply keeping these items around in your pantry to add to your meals whenever you need a quick ingredient or side dish instantly can make your lunches and dinners healthier,” Roberts added.

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