Posted: Monday, April 18, 2022

Personal Trainers Can Give You the Extra Push You Need

We all know that millions of Americans don’t exercise as often as they should. In fact, there’s a good chance you or someone you know is among them. Many of us try and try to make exercise a priority, but life just manages to get in the way. Sometimes though, expert help from a personal trainer can come in handy when it comes to really getting into the habit of exercising more and making it a part of your lifestyle.

Blount Memorial Wellness Centers fitness and weight management manager Chad Hodson says that little boost of direction from a personal trainer can help get people motivated. “When you have a personal trainer, there’s an added level of personal responsibility, in part because you know that someone is waiting for you to get to the gym and start your workout,” Hodson said. “This can give a person that little extra push out the door to get them going. Having a trainer creates consistency, but also accountability, and can help a person select goals that are actually attainable. Goal-setting is a big part of any exercise regimen or routine, and many people make the classic mistake of setting long-term goals, but not short-term ones. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s easier and much more realistic to set a goal of dropping 2 to 4 pounds over a two-week period than it is to set a goal of losing 25 pounds in 12 weeks. The idea is to use short-term goals as a springboard toward achieving long-term goals,” he explained.

“We begin with an overall health and fitness assessment, which can help you determine your overall fitness level before you begin a routine,” Hodson continued. “Once that’s done, we can tailor a program to your specific needs and goals. Even if you suffer from chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or arthritis, a qualified trainer can design a program that is appropriate for you,” he said.

Personal trainers also can help prevent self-inflicted exercise injuries. “Let’s say you start trying to lift weights and you take on too much. You can hurt yourself and potentially derail your goals altogether. A trainer can help you use the proper techniques to lift weight safely,” Hodson said. “If you’re a person who works out already and you’re not seeing the results you’re after, a personal trainer can help figure out the problem and design a solution that will keep you from the frustrations of feeling like you’re spinning your wheels,” he added.

“You don’t have to sign up for dozens of sessions with a trainer,” Hodson said. “For some people, that can be too expensive, causing them to experience sticker-shock and ultimately decide against consulting a trainer at all. With as little as one personal training session, a qualified trainer can at least customize a program based on your individual needs. Also, some people just need one session every now and then to get set up on a new exercise routine. You can’t put a price tag on your health, so personal training is definitely a worthwhile investment.” he added.

To help mark its 25th anniversary year, the Blount Memorial Wellness Center at Springbrook is offering a month-long enrollment special for new members. Join by April 30, and you’ll receive a free initial fitness assessment and pay a discounted $25 enrollment fee. For more information, call 865-980-7100.


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