Posted: Monday, April 1, 2024

Neurological Rehabilitation & Parkinson's Disease

Physicaloccupational and speech therapy play critical roles in the treatment and management of various functional deficits, particularly in addressing disorders affecting the brain and neuromuscular system. “What our community may not know is that Blount Memorial Total Rehabilitation offers a dedicated team of therapists specializing in assisting individuals with neurologic disorders, including Parkinson's Disease,” Lauren Morris, physical therapist with Blount Memorial Total Rehabilitation, explained.

Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive nervous system disorder often characterized by tremors, stiffness, slow movement and balance issues. Beyond these physical challenges, individuals with Parkinson’s also may face issues such as depression, anxiety, memory difficulties, difficulty swallowing and speech deficits. Symptoms evolve slowly over time, creating a unique journey for each person affected by the disease. Research indicates physical activity is fundamental in managing Parkinson’s Disease. Participating in rehabilitation offers a range of benefits, including slowing disease progression, addressing movement symptoms, improving communication skills, maintaining daily functioning, and enhancing mood and mental health.

Rehabilitation is recommended to begin at diagnosis, with regular reassessments every 6-12 months, or as needed. Patients are encouraged to check in annually to ensure ongoing safety and independence at home. “Should significant changes in functional abilities, balance, cognition, memory, speech or swallowing arise, prompt communication with a neurologist and a return to therapy for reassessment are recommended. This proactive approach helps identify and address emerging concerns early, enabling better maintenance of function as the disease progresses,” Morris said.

Blount Memorial Total Rehabilitation therapists specializing in Parkinson’s Disease treatment collaborate with medical providers at every stage, tailoring interventions to manage specific symptoms and enhance movement patterns, communication, safety and independence in daily tasks. The goal is to support patients in maintaining a good quality of life despite the challenges posed by the disease. “The neuro team at Blount Memorial Total Rehabilitation at Springbrook embraces a multi-disciplinary approach to treating Parkinson’s Disease. Patients receive care from occupational, speech-language pathologists and physical therapists — all specializing in Parkinson’s treatment — all under one roof. These therapists hold specialty certifications in Parkinson’s-specific treatment models, ensuring patients receive comprehensive and targeted care,” Morris emphasized.

There are several programs offered by Total Rehabilitation specific to Parkinsons’s Disease. One, called LSVT BIG®, is administered by physical or occupational therapists and focuses on improving limb movements, postural awareness, balance and coordination for enhanced mobility. LSVT LOUD® utilizes speech-language pathologists to concentrate on improving voice projection and loudness to enhance communication skills. PWR!Moves® is conducted by physical therapists and works to retrain large movements in functional positions (seated, lying down, standing, on all fours) to improve mobility and function in daily tasks. “Combining expertise and utilizing these specialized treatments and programs, the neuro team at Blount Memorial Total Rehabilitation at Springbrook ensures individuals with Parkinson’s Disease receive comprehensive and individualized care, empowering them to navigate their unique journey with confidence,” Morris said.

Neurologic rehabilitation, particularly in Parkinson’s Disease, not only addresses physical symptoms but also strives to enhance overall well-being. Through early intervention, personalized treatment and the collaborative approach offered through Blount Memorial Total Rehabilitation, individuals affected by Parkinson’s Disease can experience an improved quality of life and greater independence.

If you or someone you know is seeking specialized care for a neurologic disorder, contact Blount Memorial Total Rehabilitation at 865-238-6118.

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